An actual interview I had at a FAANGMULA company. I didn't get the job 😂

Them: We think you're a great fit, we love your experience and profile. We’re looking for innovators, leaders, and game-changers like you, but we need you to do this exam to see if you can code.

Me: Exam? Just check out my Github. After all, you saw my profile right?

Them: Right, but we need to know if you understand those concepts.

Me: I'm happy to walk through any project on GH you found interesting.

Them: *😠 clinging to approved interview script* Given an binary tree see if it’s balanced...

Me: *googles balanced binary tree* I never work with these; need to check something...

Them: ThaTS ChEAtINg!!!! Google is not allowed! 😡

Me: You asked for my problem solving process and this is step 1 background research. When I interview, I count researching the right things and checking reputable sources as “problem solving process”. Knowing what you know and how to ask for help is the mark of a great engineer is it not?

Them: *surprised_pikachu.jpg* It's different because we're in the interview.

Me: So... Your test environment doesn't mimic production either? Seems odd.

Them: Its corporate policy. There’s nothing I can do.

Me: Corporate policy doesn’t sound innovative or game-changing but I get it, hands are tied.

Anyway, Im an engineer; not a student, not a code-crapping monkey, so I don’t think this is a good fit for me. Let’s end early and get lunch 😃

Them: *desperately clinging to power* I have to escort you off the property and I’m cancelling your next rounds. The recruiter will reach out.

Me: I’m sure they will 😉

The recruiter: 👻

Software Engineer | Product Leader